Valice is that beautiful girl you’re too afraid to approach, but you don’t know why. She looks friendly and inviting but there is also a strange hint of darkness. She listens to Fleetwood Mac, Hooverphonic and U2. She writes her own songs that make you dance and sing. Inspired by The Pierces (“got a secret, can you keep it?”) she also shows you the darker sides of life and make you ponder.

Willeke Brittijn and Tess van Hout are the two powerful lead singers and main songwriters of the band, also playing piano and guitar. Jos Brittijn (electric guitar), Tim Kersjes (bass guitar) and Gilbert Twilt (drums) provide a stable foundation. The band’s style is best described as dreamy, eclectic indie pop, drawing from multiple genres, hard work and the trust of long friendships.

Valice quickly grew to a full band ready for the larger stages and festivals. In December 2021 the band released her first EP ‘I Play A Game’. The coming months the band will release more video’s and songs, culminating in the release of her debut album in the second half of 2022.

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